I listened to a podcast recently (GarryTurner and Laurie Ruettimann) on courage. Towards the end of the podcast Laurie said “Tomorrow Begins Today”. Such a beautiful concept, articulately phrased and one that really resonated with me.

For me though, this is is not about the “to do” list but more about the “to be” list.

In stress management work I talk about how being clear on purpose, intention and expectation can have a significant impact on not only how we manage our time (a source of pressure) but also our mindset throughout the day. To set intentions the night before, for the day ahead so that our easily distracted brains are already set up to succeed.

To help create this clear focus, I use the 4As model (from How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb):

Aim - What’s the most important activity today? What really matters in making this a success? Find a personal ‘why’

Attitude - What concerns are dominating your thoughts/mood? Do these help you achieve your aims? Can you access a different attitude? If not, you might need to consider your assumptions.

Assumptions – Check your assumptions for ‘faulty thinking’ or cognitive distortions. Is it true? Where is the evidence? Who could help? When have you succeeded in the past?

Attention - Given your real priorities, where do you want to focus your attention?

What is called our experience is almost entirely determined by our attention, so why wouldn’t you begin that work the day before?

Begin Tomorrow Today.