Make a DATE with yourself

We were chatting about the positive psychology principle of #3GoodThings last night over on Twitter which is about accessing and priming the 'reward' (as opposed to threat) centre of our automatic operating system.

We humans are naturally altruistic but sometimes don’t practice the same gratitude and care for ourselves and our lives in general.

Gratitude practices are also great for confidence building and quietening the 'imposter' voice. Keeping a record in a journal of your gratitude and other ‘reward’ based activities (thank you’s, a chance to do good work, using strengths, good relationships/times with others etc) are a useful way to reflect on highs over time when you need it most. They also serve as a useful record for career development purposes.

I shared an acronym I use in Stress Management workshops:

D - Discovered

A - Achieved

T - Thankful for

E - Experienced

What other useful tips do you have for making a DATE with yourself?

How would it be if you could put yourself on your own to do list?

What do you notice when you take time to do so?

Self care is not selfish.