What our Clients Say......

Kate S., Consultant Oncologist - Leadership Coaching

"This feels like it has been the first few steps on a life-long roads of discovery.  Jayne has helped me to become more self aware, question things, avoid jumping to conclusions, and be more assertive.

I actively try to provide my team with positive feedback when things are going well, and provide lots of encouragement. I am more aware of what is and what is not within my sphere of influence. I try to delegate more, now that I am aware of my predisposition towards perfectionist behaviour.

It has been an opportunity to take some time out of clinical work to reflect on how my behaviour may be affecting my relationships with both patients and other healthcare professionals, and to get some practical advice about how to do things differently and think about things in a different way.  Thank you Jayne. It's been a pleasure working with you.  You've opened my eyes to a lot of new ideas, and have been really supportive and informative.  Overall, this has been a very positive experience which I would definitely recommend to others."



Martin W., Operations Director - Career Change

"I worked with Jayne at a point when I was changing my career quite fundamentally.  The breadth of experience that Jayne shared with me was invaluable in helping me to navigate the change and make the right choices at the right time.  Not only was the content of her advice excellent, so was the style in which she gave it; the right blend between encouragement and constructive challenge.  I would highly recommend Jayne as a career coach."



Nicky W., Clinical Nurse Specialist - Personal Effectiveness

"I can't thank Macmillan enough for giving me the opportunity to access coaching. I entered nursing almost 30 years ago and over my career I have attended various professional development courses, none of them have given me such a personal insight into how a minute change can actually have a huge impact on those around you. When I met Jayne, we developed an incredibly close relationship from the outset, enabling us both to be open and honest during the sessions.  I achieved the personal goals I set and through Jayne's guidance I have achieved so much more.  I would jump at the chance of having this opportunity again in the future to help me continue to develop in my demanding senior nurse role. I would highly recommend this opportunity to any professional."


What was the coaching experience like? I feel like I’ve achieved so much. When I first started to work with Jayne, I truly felt broken...at the other side of coaching it feels like I am becoming the person I was meant to be. I have really grown, developed and learned so much from this experience
— Angela - Counsellor, Career and Personal Effectiveness Coaching