What We Do

Whether you are an individual leader or a member of an organisation sourcing coaching for leaders, we have a programme to suit you. For teams, we also provide on-site facilitative workshops around career management and personal effectiveness. Programmes range from one-off sessions through to 12 months intensive support and can be delivered on or off-site at a time to suit busy diaries.



Leadership Coaching

We act as a confidential thinking partner for new and established leaders. We work with the premise that “what got you here, won’t get you there”. We facilitate a collaborative conversation, gently challenging your perspective and approach, to elicit new ways of working, thinking and being.

The coaching focus is a usually a mix of competencies, skills and strengths development required of a 21st century leader:

  • Understanding core self - your values and purpose as well as thinking, feeling and behavioural style and how this supports/hinders results

  • Strategic thinking, execution and implementation

  • The relational self - identifying and being with stakeholders; conflict and influencing style

  • Assessing current culture and how you as a leader impact

  • Building high performing teams

  • Leading change and what it means to truly bring about change in complex systems

We blend the above with ‘bringing the system into the room’ and supporting leaders with an increasingly ambiguous and relational approach to leadership.

Every context is different; working with us is a safe space to explore your mindset, your strengths and shadow side, as well as meaning making, identity and creating narrative. We do this, not through a specific model or framework, but by guiding a co-created view of the future.

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Career Transition

With over 30 years' experience of career coaching and career redesign, we know what matters when senior leaders are looking for a new opportunity or promotion.

Typical programmes include:

  • Career direction and goal setting

  • Analysing your career to date - Creating a compelling future career narrative

  • Defining your competencies, strengths, and drivers

  • Designing and producing self-marketing materials (often based on the above mentioned exploration and analysis)

  • Job hunting strategies - Networking skills - Social Media - Personal Brand

  • Succeeding at interview, psychometric testing and presentations

  • When you achieve your ideal role, we also work with you to on-board you effectively into your new role.

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Personal Effectiveness

Our clients tell us they are increasingly working in environments where they are expected to do more with less, make decisions quickly, and have little or no thinking time to explore alternative approaches.

Our personal effectiveness coaching programmes have supported 100s of individuals, at all stages of their career, to manage time and work pressures more effectively, manage personal transitions, as well as create more collaborative and energising working relationships.

Whether you are looking to run a workshop or provide individual coaching, typical themes include:

  • Stress management - Resilience

  • Managing your energy and your time

  • Conflict strategies - Collaboration - Building effective relationships

  • How to create standout applications and succeed at interviews - 21st century career management practices

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I have been working with Jayne this year and she has been outstanding. In the first session, she asked all the right thought-provoking questions to determine where I was and the issues I needed to consider about moving my career to the next level. She was absolutely brilliant. Such an easy person to work with and me now on track to progress to where I want to be
— Paul Pinder, Real Estate Lawyer